G shock replica watches is the most common fault is walking, accidentally fell on the ground, especially when the watch in the case of acceleration of gravity. To hand the damage is still considerable. And the resulting have so several ways. One is the watch appearance damage, watchcase bumps, scratches, watch the skew or mirror burst. 2 it is to watch its internal structure, including the dial deformation, character falls off, fall off the clock, etc. Serious point also will affect the machine core components.

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These cases for fake g shock watch movement parts most “temperamental”, especially the balance wheel and hair spring. Balance wheel because of its axial vertebral is very thin, fine to just 0.1 mm, do high speed shock rotating balance wheel inside the watch, watch-balance enhances quality of the whole depend on it.

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And the balance spring in the movement, is actually a miniature spiral spring.Because its shape is also called “Archimedes spiral” in the industry. Almost plate around ten laps, with extremely complex nickel base materials. It is to maintain balance wheel in the movement of the most important parts in shock, and its calibration, installation, etc. It is in the fast clip clearance to watch precision of the key parts as well.
g shock replica watches watches now, when the frequency is 28800 / vibration frequency, hair is more hard, small spacing, watch after the fall, balance spring prone to deformation. And horizontal deformation, the most different heart balance spring, then it might to rub hair when working around pile on the outside, making it easier for the watch go stop or go fast time-varying. This kind of situation depending on balance spring lift to outside the close degree of the pile. If serious, walking fast to 2 hours.

Also many be repaired watch ETA movement (especially), found the balance spring without exception occurred horizontal displacement and deformation. And balance spring of the second lap onto hair spring on the outside of the pile. This is because in the process of maintenance, need to use tweezers to balance spring do a corrective carefully, to ensure that its work, peace and circular pitch.
If you love table accidentally fell, after the first observe the phenomenon, as if walking is stopped or changes very quickly, so mostly balance spring deformation. Of course it is possible that the watch of fault in other components, the best processing method is to test the repair shop repair.

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