Many watches fan when buying high imitation watches can choose Swiss movement, think of the Swiss watch material, process, machine, parts is better in every way. Of course, the Swiss watch prices go up, is it worthy of the name, or artificially high prices? In fact, for these problems, from the whole to consider, in many aspects, a comprehensive contrast to the rational understanding of the Swiss watch.

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1, material: material used by the rolex watches, for using the steel 904 l, this is not only more than the average 316 l stainless steel corrosion resistance, can also dilute sulphuric acid resistance. Then there is blue steel needle with screw, the Swiss watch blue steel color pure do not fade, after 28 working procedure, aesthetics, colour and lustre, flexibility and burnish is high-quality goods.

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2, technology: Swiss tabulation technology is renowned in the world. During the period of 1994 to 2009, the Swiss watch as many as more than 170 to apply for a patent in China, and g shock replica watches only gulls and only five fiyta application of patents. And the Swiss watches are applying for the patents include nearly all of the wrist watch key technologies: balance spring, escapement, calendar, phases of the moon, perpetual calendar, the tourbillon and so on. For example, such as g shock replica type, pei na sea water-resistant bridge, and so on. Although these technologies in general people’s eyes nothing great, but often requires several years of research and development to grind a sword.
3, process: Switzerland in the high-end watch technology wins in fine. Also a dial, Swiss watch both in design and to post-production, is the pursuit of excellence, creating perfect. Had honor to seen the information about Switzerlandwatches lathe, the lathe is mainly used for carving dial pattern, the fine degree of degree and time-consuming fee is too high to tidy it is not hard to see the Swiss watch pursuit of the process, with a finely crafted to describe no exaggeration. Not only watch, such as the Swiss army knife, lighters and other products why famous around the world, it is also a process superb bad place.
Cultivation of talents
4, talent training, no matter what your brand again big, how cool technology, involve the wisdom of the people to research and development and production. The Swiss watch is exhausted efforts in terms of talent cultivation. The nations sent more than 120 students every year, pick out a few apprentice, and then after 5 years of study practice to indie wrist watch. Often every brand has its own unique training and management education system. But their goals are the same, that is to cultivate master clock, and ordinary mechanic.
5, the brand value: the value of a brand is determined by many factors, such as your technology well no, or process not good sales, will not be able to survive for a long time. A brand to be able to survive for a long time, the brand culture must develop their own unique characteristics, in other words, the story behind the brand. But these stories also often and tabulation history, celebrities wearwatches,watches, to witness history, and so on related anecdotes. Such as the super series omega moon, pei na sea of the first drop of blood, etc. Can survive still proudly at the best brand of the industry must have.

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