Like Casio G – Shock replica must have a good feeling of MR – G series. The series by any material, function is the G SHOCK peak. It is by far the best Casio to display the beauty of the metal work. Launched in 2015, Casio MR – G series MRG – G1000, known as “the most classic Casio watch”.

g shock replica

This series of metal watches are famous for the characteristics of high strength and do not break aesthetic feeling, only in the “casio yamagata factory” professional skills certification of professional personnel is allowed to enter the “Premium Production Line (dedicated high-end product Line)”.

By raising the strap strength, realizes the 3 d modeling of 2 structure, improve the strap on all parts, density increase wearing comfort.

With GPS + waves receive double time correction system, the series of travel time precision is beyond doubt.Now, the G SHOCK in celebration of MR – G the 20th anniversary of the birth of this series introduced a Akazonae – warrior color limited.

Akazonae color inspiration from the traditional red army, they from armor to weapon is pure red, in a show of courage. As red army belongs to the most elite troops in Japan, at the right moment and MR – G in Casio position is similar, and Casio began in the original cold tonal on joined the bright red.
Can see from the photos, all the text Akazonae are red, appears very hot on the deep black dial. Some golden crown collocation, symbolic resplendent and magnificent scene in the old days.

Since MR – G series, the unique SALLAZ polishing technology is also essential, glowing light metal from half a see strong identification.
Price, Casio, although did not say, but the watch will be sold to more than $3000, more than ten thousand still meets the Casio tonality.

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