From a stunning g shock replica, to lead the movement, the tide of fashion, music, art, symbols, casio G – SHOCK from more than the product itself, more dedicated to continuously create ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS TOUGHNESS than cultural value and influence.

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The second brand STORE will open in taikoo, sanlitun, Beijing, on July 8, after the mainland’s first g shock replica STORE landed in Shanghai in 2015. Not only will there be a full range of g shock replica products, but also all of casio’s entire wristwatches, which will be sold exclusively in the limited amount of collaboration with the various tide brands and designers.

As for the location of the g shock replica STORE BEIJING, the brand has been creatively documenting the whole process, which eventually locks the young people’s favorite trend gathering place – sanlitun tai koo. The g shock replica STORE BEIJING also made its debut.

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Nearly 30 limited-edition editions are available on the day of the g shock replica STORE opening
To celebrate the birth of the “city new tide”, the G SHOCK STORE BEIJING will go on sale on the first day of the opening set limit to watch “reserved”, many classic out of print and popularity of hot money will be to meet with you.

From Mr Asano, beauty fang handmade by the Japanese national craftsmen build G – SHOCK hammer, high-end watch — series OF the second generation OF MRG – G1000HG, to challenge for land, sea and air born “MASTER OF G” series OF selected tables, and with so many stars, top designers, fashion brand, and musicians joint cooperation OF the G SHOCK best-selling models will be in the day. In addition, the recent 2017 whale dolphin collection, launched by the international environmental organization I · E · R · C JAPAN, and BABY GXHELLO KITTY’s joint partnership is also on the list.
When the Beijing railway station is in sync, the streets are open
Even more so, the g shock replica is set to ignite in the afternoon, following the opening of new stores in the morning. In sanlitun, Beijing, it will not only be able to grab and match the city limits of the watch, but also the fierce confrontation of the street players. Wear a new wristwatch to join g shock replica, the most popular, with a sparkle of passion for the scene.

g shock replica Beijing city limited edition, opening day for the first time
As jointly issued on NOWRE famous fashion website creative work, the G SHOCK on Beijing city limited’m SUN series of GA – 700-1 a as the prototype, the city’s skyline silhouette to the strap and dial back, and name it put their favorite city “wear” in your hands.

G – SHOCK STORE WeChat platform, a key predetermined to purchase a limited amount of admission
To get as much of a priority for G fans as possible, before the store opens on July 8,
Scan “GSHOCKSTORE” qr code, pay attention to the public number, successful registration of members, can obtain appointment to purchase admission qualification, site by appointment code to subscribe to subscribe.
Blockbuster benefits are released to senior G fans
In addition to the more convenient WeChat booking platform, the g shock replica STORE BEIJING has a more generous welfare release on the opening day of the opening day (the number of prizes is limited, first come first served) :
The limited edition of Beijing hard city hard city limits (limited to 30) will be awarded with a limited edition badge designed by g shock replica and NOWRE.
Buy the BABY – G X HELLO KITTY watch (only 30), or a HELLO KITTY gift.

To purchase products other than the limited amount, the full amount is the “ABSOLUTE quality TOUR 2017 T-shirt”, or g shock replica luggage, jointly launched by g shock replica and 430 popular logo.
On the same day, a member of the VIP card of sanlitun mall in Beijing will be able to pick up a gift from the store. First come, first served and then delivered.

The unveiling of the g shock replica STORE BEIJING is a sign of the birth of a new trend, and a creative space for different cultures to collide with each other, marking the first time that the g shock replica has evolved beyond itself. Expect more G fans to gather here to share and communicate.

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