As the battle against casio g-shock replica continues to heat up, street players in all walks of life are blazing away, creating ABSOLUTE strength and resilience in the city of the sun. As 2017’s “not hot and not fight” hard competition, g-shock replica”BURNING SUN city” series will bring the color of the flame to the creative inspiration. The light of the sun, the black symbol ofcool and powerful city street movement. In the heat of the day, there is a constant movement of the street movement like the sun.

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The whole series of dial is treated with gradient and double layer technology. It has the function of anti – shock and magnetic protection to deal with the fierce collision of street movement. Excellent waterproof function, which makes no sweat in the sun. The countdown and stopwatch function is not only suitable for the timing system, but also for endurance training.

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Ga-400by-1a, dynamic light corona dial.
Red orange, such as the sun’s corona, makes the popular large dial more eye-catching, full of street style bold and bold. The surface of the table is lit by the outer and outer layers, and the layers of color are lit to make the visual sense of the layers. The ga-400by-1a is very focused on the details, and the outer ring and the crown are used in the same tone. The design aspect also can be able to be able to make a point, double explicit design not only can be clear to the calendar time, more show the dynamic individual character. With the simple control of rotating crown, it is more convenient to use functions such as school time and countdown.

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Ga-110by-1a, burning golden needle.
As a new color in the g-shock replicasuperhuman gas ga-110 series, ga-110by-1a is added to the light of the sun in pure black. The brightiness of the bright-spot highlights the power of street movement. The hollow needle USES gradual color, such as the visible flame of the sun, which can blend the hot passion into the wrist, and also make the time reading faster and easier to recognize.

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Awg-m100sby – 1A, powerful photoelectric kinetic energy
The awg-m100sby – 1A is the other side of the game, compared with the boldness of the first two designs. The contracted design of two needle three eyes, clear display each function. The watch emphasizes inner strength, with six innings of radio and solar power in addition to its normal functions, ensuring the accuracy of the school and the ease of battery life. Its luminous and power indicator functions enhance the utility and experience of the form.

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GW – M5610BY – 1, 6 radio waves of the actual force
As the only digital square dial in the five models, GW – m5610by-1 continues the classic design of g-shock replicaand emphasizes the finishing touch with a gradient of the yellow watch circle. It’s also very functional, with six global radio waves that can pick up signals from six transmitters in different regions of the world, ensuring time is more precise. Equipped with solar panels, even the tiny source of fluorescent lamps can be converted into electricity to keep the watch stable for long periods of time. Fully automatic electronic fluorescence illumination, ensuring that any light conditions can be clearly read.

Ga-700by-1a, the street personality of the color
The first glance will be attracted to the colors of the ga-700by-1a, the cool pure black and the high saturated bright yellow, which will make the visual intense shock. The whole point is highlighted by red orange, lighting the street personality and making the reading clearer. Equipped with bright LED lighting, time is in control, even in a very weak environment. The unique function of pointer dodge ensures that when the liquid crystal display provides accurate data, it is not obscured by the pointer, and improves the convenience of data reading.

“Different stunts and hot, like a” G – SHOCK “‘m SUN SUN city “series, not only for ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS TOUGHNESS than spirit, but also under the hot SUN shining street hooligan breakthrough self, personality of wrist.

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