The calendar, etc. It doesn’t make sense to say that I rarely go abroad, but I still love the g shock replica. Perhaps, while busy with daily life, still have the vision to walk around. Therefore, I love the world when the wrist watch function can hold 24 time zones, and wear to the wrist let oneself have the bottom gas that travel around the world.

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World time zone of the function is according to the Greenwich 24 time zones for g shock replica, most of the world watches, the inner ring is used for the 24 hours of the day and night, according to use two colors to distinguish between light and shade change of time. The outer circle is marked with the names of 24 cities representing 24 time zones. The city that represents the time zone of its location is displayed at the top 12 of the dial. Other time zones are displayed in a 24-hour scale corresponding to the city name line.
If you want to change your location, you need to press a separate button, usually located on the side of the shell. Tune the location to the 12 o ‘clock or the corresponding arrow at local time. Press the button each time, local time, according to g shock replica will clockwise moved forward one hour, and 24-hour dial with city name plate is counterclockwise an interval, is to convert a time zone. By pushing the button 24 times, it’s equivalent to making a trip around the world and returning to the starting point g shock replica.
In general, the world watches at Greenwich area is divided into 24 cities is money, the 24 hour time zone, but also have a small group of powerful world wrist watch will cover more cities, on the movement structure is more complex.

For example, Mr Grazuti’s original version was introduced last year.
Case he’s original display function, independent research and development of the world contains two dial can also show two time zones, and, according to both day and night and accurate for the daylight saving time and standard time system. Wrist watch displays 37 time zones (including the whole hour and a half hour and 15 minutes or 45 minutes time difference time zone), each time zone to the international air transport association (IATA) said the airport code. The wristwatch has two dial, but it is easy to adjust, so it only needs to complete the initial setting of the location and date. Time later, want to set any destination, you only need to 4 o ‘clock position of crown clockwise rotation, clockwise and minute hand will turn forward in 15 minutes, until the time zone of the airport code on behalf of the destination in daylight saving time (DST) or standard (STD) in the window, and vice versa g shock replica.

At this time, the destination time is clear, the center hour and minute hand will show the precise time of the destination, and the day and night display and the date will be automatically adjusted.
, he’s more in this year launched its original Beijing SKP special wrist watch, for the first time to Beijing airport name, as a representative of the Chinese time zone of the world g shock replica broke the general world time zone time zone instead of Beijing time zone practice in Hong Kong in the past, expression of Beijing, China, the important status in the capital.
, of course, if you count the innovation of the world still has a lot of, a year GPHG clock is great reward the best travel time watches are very popular, be loved by numerous consumer gradually as the feature, believe that there will be more and more “act out” the world g shock replica.

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