Which is the g shock replica watches belt and the steel belt? Is the g shock replica watches belt good or the steel belt? Many people go to buy g shock replica watcheses and don’t know whether to buy a steel belt or a belt. In fact, both the steel belt and the belt have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The home of the wristg shock replica watches is to introduce the g shock replica watches belt and the steel which is good!
Belt durability: the belt is more fragile than the steel belt, and the normal belt is worn for two to three years, which can be considered a “consumable” for some people. On the other hand, if you carefully conserve it, it can improve its service life.
The wearing of the steel chain belt, the use of leather strap on top of the belt, the difference in the material of the steel chain is very rare, but it needs to be maintained carefully.

The current metal band is mostly made of stainless steel, partly using PVD ion plating technology. If used improperly, the stainless steel gloss drops and the color darkens.
You must have been aware of the advantages and disadvantages of belt and steel, and the selection of strap. Or depending on your preferences, whichever you choose. The maintenance must be done well!

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