I believe everyone is also quite familiar with the G-SHOCK Replica wristwatch, and as a trend-setter hand wrist watch series is often bring us a lot of coupe style, and a new color, etc. For the vast majority of the trend of people to a more diverse selection, and Xiaobian today, uh, to give you an inventory of the recent G-SHOCK Replica Watches brought by the latest couplet times and do not note series, I hope you will like Ha!


To celebrate THE 15th anniversary of THE US street brand THE HUNDREDS, G-SHOCK Replica has come up with a classic DW-5600 watch based on THE Combined Watch, all in black The dial is made of red, yellow, and black, and details like THE dial, strap, and back have been added to THE HUNDREDS logo and ITS ICONIC LIGHTNING LOGO!

Cheap G-Shock Watches& Nissan G-TR

Can Not Afford to buy the Japanese national treasure super-run GTR, I can still buy G-Shock and GTR joint ride WRISTWATCH TO DRESS UP! G-SHOCK Replica EDGE AND NISSAN GTR to a joint trip cooperation, the two sides to 2008 production of GT-R R35 as the inspiration for the design, bringing a new DW-6900 joint ride wristwatch, the design used to GTR color-based black and red And in the dials, strap, back and outer box decorated GTR words as decoration highlights the identity of its joint name.

Gorillaz x G-SHOCK Replica

This time Fake G-SHOCK Replica has created a ride series for popular virtual band Gorillaz, featuring four unique watches inspired by the characters of 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russell Hobbs And added the head silhouettes of the characters to reflect the theme. It’s worth noting that, unlike The other three members of The D5600, Drummer Russell Hobbs’Combo watch The King is based on a souped up GX56, which is built on top of The body, and each member is individually wrapped to accentuate their personality.


Casio’s two biggest watch groups have teamed up to create the Christmas limited couples watch range, which comes in three sets — black, white and pink. A black one with a diamond at 3,9 and 12 o’clock scale for steadfast love, and a white one with gold border, pointer and scale, with Cubitt’s wings and butterfly designs on the dial In addition to its special color, the pink wing pattern appears on the dial when the glow-in-the-dark button is pressed.

Well, the latest Cheap G-SHOCK Replica on the latest model is about these, I do not know if there is your favorite water?

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