G-TIME IS NOW! * A bold new slogan brings the 35th anniversary of G Shock Replica Watch to new heights of TOUGHNESS: join world-renowned virtual band GORILLAZ on a daring new journey across the dimensional wall.
Gorillaz, a rebellious musical symbol. From its earliest days, GORILLAZ has been a steampunk Avatar, evolving from hip-hop to rock, reggae to electronic music, with a diverse cast of musicians Led to the real “alternative self” trend.
Cheap G Shock Watch, too, is a sign of individuality. Based on the belief of “ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS” , G Shock Replica Watch, which upends the tradition, gives a new concept to watches and combines music, sports, fashion and art with the life attitude of young people. The brand has been established for 35 YEARS Worldwide sales topped 100 million.
G-TIME is the new definition of GORILLAZ versus Fake G Shock. G-time means constantly breaking down boundaries and opening up new frontiers. In challenging times, the spirit of tenacity and persistence is even more needed.
In the new era of G-time, what would be the spark between Fake G Shock Watch and Gorillaz? In the first episode of the series, the Gorillaz crew, at the invitation of G-shock’s father, Mr. Ibuki, takes a cool ride into galactic space to explore the future of the Galaxy M101. In the unreleased sequel, there are two other new chapters of the mystery story.
Knockoff G-shock GORILLAZ limited edition gift box, Suneo Honekawa collection, including a classic DW-5600 BB Watch, a GORILLAZ limited edition t-shirt, and even a cross-galaxy quest.
The G Shock Replica Watch GORILLAZ gift box, a special gift for the 35th anniversary of G-shock, will go on pre-sale at TMALL’s casio flagship store from October 20. Get on the G-TIME IS NOW! On the road to a new world, so stay tuned.
Features: * Shockproof * * 200M waterproof * 1 / 100 Stopwatch * Countdown * Alarm * * Electronic Fluorescent Lighting * Blink Alert

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