Ever since Nigo left BAPE’s G Shock Replica camp, sounds like “BAPE down from the altar” have been going on. Sure enough, BAPE’s not what it used to be, except for Nigo’s retirement There are a variety of reasons behind this, such as “the fashion guys who used to wear BAPE G Shock Replica Watches are no longer young” , “young people choose more fashion brands” and “BAPE itself is increasingly disappointing consumers” .

As for my feelings for Bape G Shock Replica, I think I can quote a classic line from Love in the Buff: “to like is to like. I like her because I think she’s good. She’s good at everything. ” Yes, even today’s trendy brands are everywhere But BAPE stands for a sentiment, in everybody’s heart status, still does not have how many brands can shake.

BAPE’s 25th anniversary has not only brought in brands such as Adidas, mind Japan and READYMADE. The list of co-op objects itself is something I’ve been looking forward to, but it was the colorful BAPE x Fake G Shock  that really knocked me out. Maybe it’s just that as you get older, it becomes easier to feel things. The sight of G Shock Replica Watch, 35, celebrating his birthday with Bape, his “best friend” , and the fact that Bape’s trademark camouflage paint is all over G Shock Replica reminded me of the good old days.
I have to say, in BAPE’s 25 years old, alone and G-SHOCK’s cooperation is 20 years, two people’s degree of single-mindedness approaches five stars. Although they first worked together in 1998 when they were kids and had no memory of it, it wasn’t until I got into fashion that I realized BAPE was a true pioneer at the time, after holding hands with Cheap G-SHOCK Watches Only now fashion brands have with the watchmaking brand joint name situation.
The BAPE x G-SHOCK-6900, introduced in 1998, doesn’t look like a “BAPE” at all, but the devil hides in detail, and the “G Shock Replica Watch” on the dial appears in a different color, with the words “GO! APE” underneath When you press the light on the dials, you can still see the little “Easter eggs” hidden. In addition to black, after a few years both sides also introduced a white version.
I didn’t know Nigo until about 2006, and I didn’t know the history of BAPE because of the lack of Internet. I just thought it was a nice watch and wanted to take it down.

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