G SHOCK Replica from the date of birth, it has never stopped challenging, and after time verification, Fake G Shock Watch tenacity quality shine. Nowadays, the Fake G Shock Watch not only stands for the tenacity of the watch, but also the spirit of the G SHOCK Replica, which has been integrated into many cultures, especially the street trend culture. But now, Fake G Shock Watch has launched a limited edition of the “seven blessings” range of watches, from dials and straps to product packaging design, where the details show an understanding of the clash of Japanese tradition and fashion culture.

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The collection was designed by contemporary artists and former Skaters Toshikazu Nozaka. Will Replica G Shock Watch street elements and Japan’s ancient theme of Seven Fukuoka Fusion to express the spirit of ancient Japanese culture.
Designer Hirokazu Nosaka

Chi fu-shen is a Japanese myth and legend, which is produced by the combination of Japanese traditional culture and Buddhism. The seven blessed deities, namely, Ebisu, Bencai Tian, Bu Dai Zun, Vaiśravaṇa, Da Hei Tian, Shou Lao, Fu Lu and Shou, originated from different religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Shinto. It is said that by visiting these gods one can avoid the seven evils and be protected by the seven evils. The legend was formed at the end of the Muromachi era in Japan and has been widely spread since the Edo period.
Ebisu was the only Japanese God among the seven blessings, holding a fishing rod in his right hand and a large fish in his left, a symbol of good luck and a god of good harvests and prosperity. In the Street Culture, surfing is very challenging, “just to be able to meet the heart longs to have a big wave, ” which is a hot surfer’s motto. Under the sun waves rolling, the next life peak may be in sight.
G-7900slg-4 main functions: * Shockproof * 200 m waterproof * Automatic Electronic Fluorescent Lighting * World Time (48 cities) * Tidal Chart * Month Age * Low Temperature (- 20 °c) * Stopwatch (1 / 100) * 12 / 24 hour system * Countdown * Multi-function Alarm, full point alarm * Intermittent beep * Automatic Calendar
As the First Watch in the “Qi Fu Shen” series, the “Ebisu” model is based on the high-performance model G-7900, which can be used in harsh environments. The Color Palette is red and enthusiastic In the ring, golden snapper, a symbol of the fishing industry. When the light on the back of the dial is turned on, Fake G Shock Watch Online‘s initials “G” will appear. This collection of seven watches will be able to display the complete Fake G Shock Watch LOGO specially designed for the series.
Saguaro is the only female deity among the seven gods. Saguaro is the water God from the Sacred River in India. It is also the god of music and wisdom.
BGD-560SLG-4 main functions: * Shockproof * 200 m waterproof * Electronic Fluorescent Lighting * World Time (48 cities) * About 3 Years Battery Life * Stopwatch (1 / 100) * Countdown Time * Daily Alarm * full point sound * Intermittent Sound * Automatic Calendar * 12 / 24 Hour System
Inspired by the BABY-G Popular Watch BGD-560, the Swatch band depicts the PIPA, a symbol of musical talent, as well as the precious Pearl, a symbol of wealth, and the coral hand painting, a symbol of the god of water. The Band is in pink and full of vitality The hormones of youth are on fire.
Cloth bag is the only God in the seven blessing in the actual existence of the characters, his prototype for the Chinese Tang Dynasty monks this. Because has been carrying a bag full of food and other goods and called the bag Zun, often with a smile, can bless the husband and wife, children and grandchildren. In the bag around you, the children take joy below the knees, happy sound one after another, in China known as the “Maitreya Buddha. “.
DW-5600 SLG-7 main functions: * Shockproof * 200 meters waterproof * Electronic Fluorescent Lighting * Stopwatch (1 / 100 second) * 12 / 24 hours * Countdown * Multi-function Alarm, full point sound * Automatic Calendar
The pocket design is based on DW-5600, using grey as the base color. The Fan Pattern is painted on the traveling ring, and the watchband and case are covered with the wooden staff, cloth bag and pine carried by the pocket to symbolize good fortune.
Each Cheap G Shock Watches carries an independent fashion statement, an Icon for self-expression and a message of self-loyalty. This time, “seven blessings” brought Fake G Shock Watch to the street, the first three phenotypes have been announced, the next four, please stay tuned. For more details, visit the official Fake G Shock Watch website at www. Fake G Shock Watch. Com. CN

AWG-M100SLT-1A main functions: * Shockproof * 200 m waterproof * 6 Local Electric * Solar Power * fully automatic LED lighting * World Time (48 cities) * 1 / 100 Stopwatch * Countdown * Daily Alarm * Full Point Sound * Full Automatic Calendar * Power Indicator * Light Storage

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