There are other bright colors like red and yellow in the collection. Bope’s biggest fan, Kanye, is a fan of the G Shock Replica watches, which comes in a variety of colors. So every day in the breakfast money out of a little, save more than two months, and then help my mother do some “paid housework” , finally bought this only let me into the pit of the watch. At the time, I was looking at G Shock Replica watch and thinking mostly about what the phrase “APE SHALL NEVER KILL ” meant.
Later, I learned that the phrase was inspired by a line from the movie Planet of the Apes. I slowly learned that BAPE Fake G Shock Replica was a very popular Japanese fashion brand at the time, and I’m glad I learned about BAPE and G-SHOCK before my peers. After that, I became more aware of their behavior, and my eyes lit up every time a new product came out, but I couldn’t just buy it again.

Bape X G Shock Replica Watch 6900, introduced in 2010, isn’t much different from the regular model, but that sexy purple Shell with a little pearlescent effect really captures the heart. Many of the previous models were based on the G-SHOCK classic DW-6900, but in 2010 they chose the G-5500, with the BAPE STA G Shock Replica  Logo emblazoned all over the strap.

Boys loved Bape, the “old” ape, while the adorable Baby Milo had plenty of female fans, so BAPE Cheap G Shock Watch duly released a dials printed with Baby Milo and rendered the DW-5600 in lively white and orange. Of course, the boys will be suitable for the style will not be few, the dial with BAPE symbol camouflage elements appear more robust, we even use these two watches with a pair of lovers at that time!
The year 2013 is also a memorable one, as it marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Nigo and Takahashi Shield in NOWHERE, Ura-Harajuku, so they called in Stussy The trio teamed up with G-SHOCK’s Frogman diving powerhouse to create the radical wrist watch. Not only is there a triple Logo on the dial and back of the watch, but the watch box has also been specially designed to make it even more collectable worthy.

I love the Frogman Watch from G Shock Replica Watch Sale, especially the red, translucent, limited edition with Murakami. But that watch was sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, so let’s just say I’m sorry… BAPE and coke 2014 launch of DW-6900 is also commendable The Watch is made in Coca Cola’s signature red color, the ape drinking the coke on the dial is barely visible, and the BAPE font has been altered to look like Coca Cola, which is also a collectible.

As for the BAPE X G-SHOCK model of recent years, while at first glance it’s not particularly exciting to buy, there are always a few details that make you smile It makes you feel like this ape isn’t as old as he seems, and it can still wake you up to the New Heart of fashion.
Introduced in Japan in 2015, the GD-100 has a dial that looks little different from the regular version except for the word “Bape” printed on it. What makes it special is that the end of the watchband reads “World Gone Mad” , an expression of the ape-man’s rage against the WORLD of fashion.
Launched in 2015, DW-6900 features an incomplete APE head in a cold blue light. The color of the shell with a silver-colored jewelry, is a very cool.

The 2016 DW-5600 is a bit like the 2012 model, but with an ape Logo added to the side.

Unveiled in 2017, the DW-6900 features an ape-like “Snow White” , a blue-light underfloor and watchband design that incorporates messy lines.

BAPE has worked closely with G-SHOCK Shop over the years, releasing at least one watch each year, each aimed at your wallet. In addition to their 20-year-old co-branding, BAPE has a real passion for “making watches, ” such as the Bapex Line of watches the brand has produced since around the turn of the Millennium, until now The collection is one of BAPE’s most popular accessories lines.

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