For consumers, G Shock Replica watches is relatively affordable price and quality is relatively reliable, classical style spread; These three things complement each other.

Style in ten or twenty years unchanged, means that G Shock Replica watches mold can continue to use, even if the scrap is the original drawing to open a set of molds. workers processing is familiar door familiar road, do not have to pay tuition fees, naturally reduce costs. Reliable quality, means that the movement must be a classic old movement, used for more than a few years, the production of more than 100,000, can encounter the bug hidden dangers have been removed, or maintenance to solve easily; Large production capacity, and means no one to heat, pricing itself is affordable, second-hand is more peaceful.

According to these standards, two days to change the shell type of G Shock Replica to be abandoned. All mold fees are amortized to your head.New research and development of the home-grown movement are not considered. you always have to understand that you are one of the general public, not the fate of the guinea pig brand. Popular hyped paragraph also gives up, don’t be smug with oneself buy watch to be able to make money, you are similar to leek shareholder, enter the stock market don’t think daily limit board, do not lose is blessing.

Casio G Shock Replica DW v – 5600 – e – 1

No two words, less than 200 USD, no choice is the G Shock Replica g-5600 basic model dw-5600e-1v, priced at only 790 USD, since 2008 production, g-shock black classic series, the initial small square modeling, also do not what to show back, return to original simplicity, the most appeared in the film casio watches! It is also jay Chou’s fashion choice in the popular movie header D! G Shock Replica Black super classic, simple generous design, coupled with the characteristics of super earthquake resistant to fall, suiwatches for sports wear, also very G Shock Replica for all kinds of style dress dress.

Seiko Prospex series diving watches SRPA21J1
Prospex was a heavyweight core SEIKO series, the series wrist watch for land, sea and air three areas of various kinds of extreme sports, in the face of all kinds of extreme sports, a price of 3600 USD, this built-in 4 r36 automatic machine core, this is main SEIKO watches a new generation of automatic movement, launched in 2011, replacing the old model 7 s26, with functions of double week calendar calendar, and practical manual lacks the second stop function.

Three thousand head to buy waterproof 200 meters of entry mechanical diving watches, modeling and beautiful, strong and durable, sunrise pattern blue surface, red blue double color watches ring, disk printing more than tens of thousands of Swiss watches, why not buy? Seiko all kinds of reproduction, good-looking is good-looking, the price is also hot, cost-effective, can be ignored.

Tissorelock series 80 movement belt mechanical models

Tissot as swatch group flooring brand, huge output, Switzerland’s town is the birthplace of tissot, lilok series named after the birthplace, it can be seen that the importance of tissot for this series, lilok is the classic of the volume of tissot.

Lilok series mechanical belt has a simple and elegant appearance. Polished steel watchcase, sapphire crystal glass watches mirror, exquisite and exquisite lingling dial, vintage Roman numeral moment, slender long pointer, 3 o ‘clock calendar display. Back through type back cover, bow buckle.
Unfortunately, now the shuttle all stop 2824 movement of the force lok, otherwise that is absolutely the first choice, the price is only 2000, basically buy movement to send the case; Now we can only choose the new generation T0064071603300 with 80 movement, which is only priced at 4,200 USD. Power is still 80 hours, I threw it away on weekends;

Some people may have doubts about the 80 movement, for fear that it is not reliable. I advise you to relax, ETA low end production is huge, one million a year, this scale of production, in recent years can certainly eliminate the hidden danger. As for the 80.111 movement in the engineering of plastic parts, there is no good conflict, the quality of the material, to say an exaggeration, in addition to the spring movement for you to replace plastic parts, performance will be greatly improved.

Longines konkas diving watches L3.742.4.96.6

No matter what you think of longqin, longqin is the first choice brand of the 10,000 USD mark, and kangkas series is also the ten thousand USD diving watches with very high cost performance and brand degree, which is also a frequently discussed style.

This L3.742.4.96.6, with the watches diameter of 41mm, USES the L619/L888 movement — all improved movements of 2892. Longqin focuses on improving the power and increasing the energy storage to 64 hours, which is more practical.

This watch as a diving watches in the end of the design is a very good choice, 300 meters waterproof, travel time precision, cost-effective, here I recommend is the aluminum ring, and did not recommend the ceramic ring of kangkas, because the price of 3000 USD, this ring of ceramics to sell your point.

Cartier TANK SOLO watch WSTA0028

Cartier’s exterior design no one can compare, mechanical movement on the two said; So why don’t we buy a quartz model, which is stylish, reliable, and — at best — replaceable.
Tank watches were born in 1917 and have an unusual aesthetic. The design is matched with delicate curves, clean and bright lines. The extended lugs resemble the outline of a tank’s treads, while still showing graceful lines.

Now the Cartier tank series has added dozens, even hundreds, of varieties, but they all retain the basic format elements of the wide stretcher frame structure on both sides of the dial.
This Tank Solo large watch contains quartz movement. Fine steel case, round pearl shape crown, inlaid a convex synthetic spinel, silver pearlescent dial, Roman numeral time mark, sword – shaped blue steel pointer, can be said Cartier classic elements have, pricing only 18400 USD!

Prince series calendar type 74033
The essence of the rudder is the rolex inside the appearance of refined ETA, with a more moderate price to launch affordable options, so of course to choose ETA2824 to change the most accurate and reliable rudder watches.

Tudor, as a rolex secondary brand, is a cheaper watch but the style is evergreen, 34 mm diameter, 18K gold outer ring, durable value, marking a firm belief; With fine steel shell, luxury and swatches, double benefit! ETA advanced Swiss movement, walk accurately, forge ahead, contained in a solid watchcase! Elegant appearance, with indomiwatches connotation, with The Times, no fear of all challenges outside!

This one has been removed from the list of the official website of the emperor rudder, but the emperor rudder before a few years of sales is not very good, I believe that the watches will still have a lot of inventory, 20,000 or so, there are gold and silver, reliable quality, precision and durable, when the career starts to wear the best, but encourage you to struggle, as soon as possible with gold!

Omega constellation

A look at the size of 35 mm, you know the production for a long time, constellation series this modelling originated in 1982 — omega launched the Manhattan wrist watch, then launched a lot of design signs still exist in the day’s constellation: integrated watch chain, watch the Roman numeral on the circle and the four embedded claws on the side of the case.
Constellation is also the most familiar omega watch, the Chinese men and women wear, shape the basic unchanged for decades, now recommend this fine steel, is carrying 2500 d coaxial machine core, omega 2500 coaxial machine core, the former two generations have steal stop let many people to take medicine, now 2500 d is very swatches, so to speak, the superior cost-effective, priced at 32500 USD, 8800/8806 movement butterfly fly or sign are more than 40000, really is not recommended – after all, polished than 8500 also shrunk dramatically.

Omega superbar 311.

Super moon landing is a legend, omega can eat a lifetime; Omega super professional “lunar watch” is equipped with black dial, with small second hand dial, 30 minutes small dial, 12 hours small dial and central timing hand, and covered with carbon fiber watches mirror. The 42mm stainless steel case is fitted with a black ring with speed scale and a black leather strap.
This timepiece is equipped with omega 1861 mechanical movement, the movement is Lemania famous timing movement of the simplified version, omega did not say, I think it is produced in the Lemania production line, in order to cost performance, of course choose the secret bottom 311., mainland pricing 36,500 USD;
Manual super master originally sold in China, now advocate 321 movement, that 1861 is more difficult to sell, which is good for us, discount can be talked about, good, second-hand in 15 thousand less than casually eat into, always will not lose.

IW3714 universal Portuguese chronograph
IWC Portugal series timing watch has been the most popular IWC Portugal series since 1998. At the time, it was the first Portuguese watch that could be read as well as timed. The modest 40.9mm case makes the timepiece attractive for slender wrists. Precision scale is surrounded around the dial, and the layout is neat and lively. The concave accumulator, raised Arabic numeral and symmetrical proportion willow leaf hour hand and minute hand are harmoniously integrated. Fine steel case, rhodium – plated hands and dark blue dial each other constitute a subtle contrast.

It hasn’t changed its shell shape for 20 years, from IW371401 to IW371491 in 2018. You can imagine that this one is more classic, with perfect and symmetrical disk layout and the movement is changed from ETA7750, so the reliability is not a problem. Mainland pricing of 56,300 USD, this second-hand market is also very swatches, more than 20,000 points, buy two watches to play for a few months before selling, there is no sense of loss.

Rolex 36 mm log type 126233

DateJust is a rolex, and rolex is a DateJust. A lot of refined steel sports models are all embellished, and the golden champagne color tooth rings and five beads are the eternal classic for decades!
I will always recommend the classic size of 36, which is not too big or too small. This type of nail face 126233-0015 is priced at 87,800 USD in China. Now it has been replaced by a new generation of 3235 movement.

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